Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Seafoam Pearl, Baby!

Since our baby is due in January, we're pacing ourselves with our guest room redo. We didn't want to get stuck doing all the nesting and decorating throughout the holidays. Instead, we're taking it one week, one month at a time and checking off all the "have-to's" off our checklists (yes, we really have checklists). And although we don't know who is in my tummy just yet, we've known the color and theme of the nursery for a while. 

Seafoam Pearl

Seafoam Baby Nursery 
 Seafoam Baby Nursery

It's refreshing, it feels good, it's cooling and calming. We won't be diving into the details of the accents or theme just yet, but we can tell you that it won't be your typical "baby" boy or girl room. And whichever the way the wind blows in terms of gender, that will take our embellishments into a few different directions. But the foundation will be the same ... color, crib, dresser ... fit for a smarty-pants little boy or curious little girl. 

Want some hints on the theme??

Aquarius, Adventure, Stimulant

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pre-Fall Sprucing and Organizing

Last week I conjured up some magical energy and my mom came over to help me do a bit of sprucing, redecorating and organizing. From the kitchen to the dining room to the living area, it needed a quick, pre-fall pick-me-up and the kitchen certainly needed a clean out and a "find some shelves for baby" adventure. 

Fall Home Sprucing, Preparing for Baby Fall Home Sprucing, Preparing for Baby Fall Home Sprucing, Preparing for Baby

We said goodbye to summer curtains and accents, and suppressed the urge to put out a pumpkin just yet. I cleaned out my China cabinet and made room for my mom's bell collection and beautiful glasses from my grandmother. And we even found a shelf to hide all the baby's essentials for bottle-feeding and our collection of food essentials for later too. 

Fall Home Sprucing, Preparing for Baby Fall Home Sprucing, Preparing for Baby Fall Home Sprucing, Preparing for Baby Fall Home Sprucing, Preparing for Baby Fall Home Sprucing, Preparing for Baby Fall Home Sprucing, Preparing for Baby

Now, all we have to do is tackle our closet sometime next month. And paint the baby's room next week. Maybe then I'll feel a bit more put together in the midst of the 2nd trimester vomiting and dry heaving. Yippee!

Fall Home Sprucing, Preparing for Baby
 photo DSC_0122_zpsc18c6a1b.jpg 

Of course, Willow had to cheese and say, "Hello!" 

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Surviving the First Trimester: My Nausea Bag

Well, I'm in it now. We've officially survived the first trimester and heading right into the thick of it. 

We'll be a whopping 16 weeks on Monday and although I can't say that I've enjoyed every minute of pregnancy thus far, I've definitely enjoyed knowing that the light at the end of the tunnel will far outweigh every single moment of blowing chunks (which for me have yet to cease, no magical 2nd trimester fairy has come and dusted me with a beautiful "glow" and bouts of energy). So, in honor of this first obstacle being completely done, even if those symptoms haven't gone away with it, I've decided to spill my not-so-secret survival items that I take with me when I get to have a day away from the toilet and out in the land of normalcy.

Here are my 10 go-to items I've had with me since I woke up week 6 and said, "Uh o, so this is it eh?!" 

surviving the first trimester, what to have with you when you have exterme pregnancy nausea

1. Barf bags: This is a no-brainer. I've only thrown up in one public toilet and then last night I had an epic event in a Zaxby's parking lot, literally in front of the window for all diners to enjoy. Other than that, I've landed pretty much everything in the "bag." 
2. Colgate Wisps: When you vomit, you must refresh. Even though, this may make you gag and throw up some more.
3. Mentos Gum: Sometimes these little chewies take the edge off of the nausea, or at least leave a better taste in my mouth than stomach acid after a long drive to Target.
4. Hand Sanitizer: Of course, my go-to is Bath & Body Works brand, but when a little bit of barf decides to backsplash onto your hands ... this makes you feel, at least a little bit, better.
5. Makeup Bag (via Modcloth): When the "episode" is a rougher one, I cry ... an ugly cry. Which means, a touch up of the eyeliner, blush ... lipstick ... the entire face is involved.
6. Snacks: I like the chocolate-covered coconut Luna bars because I know they have the right nutrition and they don't make me want to vomit on command.
7. Deodorant: Because it's summertime and even if the AC in the car is blasting on my face ... we sweat when we throw up, just admit it.
8. Body Spray: A spritz will too make you feel better, at least a little bit. And then no one can say you smell like vomit.
9. Shout Wipes: For when you miss the barf bag.
10. Chapstick: My two go-to's are Smackers and Baby Lips, because ever since I started this throw up marathon my lips have become increasingly more dry and both of these work.

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dribbles of Instagram ...

I feel as though my Instagram account is just to show off how adorably adorable our puppy dog is. So, I'm picking out some of my favorites as of recent and letting you be the judge of her level of cuteness - as well as some tid-bits of randomness from around about. 

 photo 5_zps720bea0f.jpg
Moving books from baby's room into the office / Minnie being dramatic 

 photo 1_zps742edcd5.jpg
Willow's shabby paws lookin' like the Grinch's hands / Scared of thunderstorms 

 photo 2_zpsaa2d1698.jpg
For as big as Minnie is, she sure knows how to curl up / Willow keepin' watch on the house

 photo 3_zpsdcb2a095.jpg
More of Willow being scared of storms / Spare time workin' on my Mensa book

 photo 4_zpsbb765b7b.jpg
Happy puppy with a fluffy butt / Growing out my bangs ... finally

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Monday, July 21, 2014

A Pregnancy Nightmare

pregnancy nightmare bleeding Her Umbrella Grace Lynne FlemingWell, we are officially into our 2nd trimester! We're excited to move forward with our nursery plans and in 7 short weeks we will get to find out if there's a little boy or little girl causing all the ruckus. 

Unfortunately, that's not really what this post is all about. As soon as I thought I was getting back to my normal "bloggy" ways on Her Umbrella, we were hit with another giant pregnancy hurdle. As I said before, I was going to be candid throughout this entire experience. The reason being, for myself to look back and be able to comb through our adventure. Another reason being for this little jellybean to do the same. But also, to reach out to fellow bloggers and women who have had similar experiences with no where to really share or talk about them. 

Now onto the nightmare.

You know when you see movies or hear stories of pregnant women waking up in the middle of the night in a pool of their own blood? That's the nightmare right? It's the ultimate ominous sign and it's terrifying. 

Well, that happened to us - minus the actual pool of blood. 

Last Wednesday morning, I woke up around 3:30 AM and noticed that I was "wet." This time instead of leaping from my bed because I thought I was bleeding, I got up steadily and went to the bathroom, this time thinking that I had just wet the bed again. To my surprise I found my underwear soaked, with what seemed to be blood.

My heart was pounding a mile a minute. I had never even had this happened to me when I started my period by surprise - and it happens to us all ladies. And never, ever was it this much. I calmly (as calm as I could be) cleaned myself up and woke up Justin. He, being the actual calm one in the relationship, assessed the situation as best he could. Told me to try and go back to sleep for a few hours since I didn't have any pain or cramping and see if it tapered off by morning.

Our thoughts are that since I've had a lot of spotting here and there since the beginning, my "growing" time may be the cause. This is what we were hoping was happening. 

Around 6:30 AM I woke back up and headed towards the restroom. Luckily the pantyliner was clear, but the toilet was not. The water turned bright pink, which says a lot since our water is blue, and there was a nice size blood clot at the bottom of the toilet. My heart sank. I felt like there was no way we were getting out of this with good news.

I got a hold of the doctor on call through my office and she told me to wait until 8 AM to call in and let them know I needed to see my doctor and have the baby checked. 

It was a really long wait, but thankfully, again, my doctor's office worked quickly and efficiently to get me in to not only have an ultrasound but also a checkup with the doctor.

Let me remind you this was the second time now we waited to see our baby on the big screen and hold our breaths that there was a heartbeat. And there was, in fact, a big, STRONG heartbeat of 183. Before we even got to see the heart pitter-pattering we saw our baby moving and grooving. Jazz hands, shaking his/her tushy at us - even the sonographer was giggling at our little goofball. 

So, what caused the bleeding? Which, did taper off completely by the time we left the doctor's office. A small hemorrhage - apparently this happens with 50% of women. Some women experience bleeding and some women never even know it happened until it's seen in an ultrasound. It can happen as the placenta grows, in between the folds of the placenta, around the uterus or just because of the growing going on inside of you. 

My doctor didn't get into too much detail because she said it was  small, everything looked perfect and it didn't increase my chances of miscarriage <--- which I really needed to hear. 

I left with good news and relief, but that doesn't stop my anxiety. Every time I go to the restroom, I get anxious. Every time I wake up in the middle of the night, I feel like something else happened. And Friday night it did, in a matter of 15 minutes, I bled through a pantyliner - and then it just stopped. Justin's theory? The hemorrhage wasn't completely healed yet and the horrid 15 minutes of barfing I did before I noticed the bleeding irritated the problem.

So, who else had a scary experience like this and has the guts to share? After it happened I found out that one of my really good friends experienced 3 hemorrhages during her pregnancy, without the pool of blood scenario, and now she has a beautiful baby girl. That helps my anxiety, a little. 

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