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Myths About Clothing – How You Can Really Save!

When it comes to buying clothes, everyone has their own style and look they use to define themselves. Whether its bright colors with bold patters, or classic tried and true trends, those who love clothing have a real passion for it. What do you do though when the price on tag is larger than your bank account? Looking for discounts and tips to save when it comes to clothing purchases can help you in the trendy long run.

If you are an online shopper when it comes to clothes or even if you prefer department stores, learn that discounts and coupons are your friends! Many times websites for the clothing retailers will have a link on their site for coupons or discounts. If not, you can try the much loved Retail Me Not and Discountrue websites which offers coupons for most retail clothing stores. 

Shopping in the off season save you upwards to 75% (or more!) of the price the tag says. This is great for stocking up for the year to come, especially if you have children. 

Another good idea for a savvy shopper is to sign up for email notifications from retail companies.They often send you insider information on when the next sale is coming up and during peak seasons or holiday seasons they may even send you a bonus coupon. 

Rewards programs are also something to look into. Of course, you don’t want to go broke paying their monthly fees, but many offer you a card where you get points for the money you spend, and when you have enough points they give you a credit or a gift card (they can even offer bonus coupons). 

Is your closet overflowing with clothing, some that you haven’t worn or seen in months or maybe even years? Consider taking them to a second hand, thrift shop, or consignment shop to get a little money back. It may even be enough to get you that evening dress and heels that you have been eyeing.  
Let the clearance rack pull you in! Just because it is on clearance doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with it. It may just be that it didn’t sell well in that particular store, or that the season is changing and they are discounted. It may also be that the designer is discontinuing the look, which means deep discounts for you. 

Find a really cute sweater but there is a little snag under the arm? Find a pair of adorable jeans but the hem is a little scuffed from being too long? If you think you can fix those little problems, ask the clerk if you can get a little extra discount for the “damage”. While you shouldn’t rely on getting a discount this way, it never hurts to ask. You could save as much as 50% on some lightly damaged items. Still, a visit to the aforementioned Discountrue could be a better alternative after all. 

There are many ways of saving on clothing and with these simple, easy and tested tips, you can save and get more for the money!

Disclosure/Sponsored Post: Compensation in the form of payment was given for this post. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 Tips for Traveling With Baby

We know it's not easy to travel when your little one has a number of reasons to cry. However, if you have to travel with your baby to another location, here are some tips that can help you have a stress-free traveling experience and grab some benefits and help from while doing so!

Make a list
  • Make a list of items that are required on a regular basis for the baby. 
  • Make a list of items that might be required during the travel for the baby (this depends on your type 
  • travel. If you are traveling for long hours, extra essentials and items might be required).
  • Now, check whether you have it all or not. 
  • If yes, start looking for a bag that is sufficiently big to fit every item on the list.
  • If not, visit Sears site and look for them.While shopping, look for $5 Off  coupon for Sears at ChameleonJohn.
Check your travel route and stops
  • While traveling, you might need a stable platform that can be designated as a baby-changing station. So, check your travel route and designate a noted place. For this, make sure that you have a separate bag where spare clothes, boxes of wipes, a changing pad, a small towel, diapers, and some disposable bags can be placed. Note: A baby-changing station should be clean and spacious so that you can lay a changing pad down and comfortably change your baby’s clothing and diaper. 
Clothing for the baby and you
  • This is important for every member of the family who is traveling from one place to another. However, perfect clothing for your baby and you are extremely important. Adults can take care of themselves, but your baby is too small to do this on their own. So, be sure that you are carrying the right clothes for your little one. You, as a mommy, are extremely important because your baby is totally dependent on you. And your clothes are in the number one line of fire when it comes to accidents. So, be prepared!
Get ready to walk an extra mile
  • Well, not all babies are happy to sleep while on vacation. So, you can expect your baby to cry a little more if you are forcing them to sleep, when they want to move around. So, get ready to walk an extra mile and keep your baby happy.
  • Make sure that transportation is not an issue. You cannot carry your baby all the way from the hotel to the park, friend’s place, relative’s place or random ‘must-visit’ spots. So, make sure that proper arrangement for transportation is available. 
  • For the baby, strollera should be available. If not, carry your stroller along for the ride.
  • However, if you are planning to buy a stroller, visit Sears and buy a new one. Don’t worry about the cost. Coupons and discount offers are available for you. All you need to do it – match the best coupons with discount offers available in the store. This should help!

Apart from this, what are some ideas, trips and prep tools you use to travel with your baby? Share your comments below!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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My Cruising Essentials: 12 Must-Haves

Cruise Trip Must Have's

Our favorite low-key, relaxing vacations involve a week-long cruise. And we plan on taking another one this fall, with our brand new baby girl in tow. In the meantime, since we consider ourselves cruise aficionados, we're sharing 12 of our cruising essentials!

1. Floppy Sunhat: I'm not a fan of the sun and it's not a fan of my blonde hair, fair skin or my husband who is practically translucent. We need to cover up, so a large hat always helps when it's time to get off the boat. Besides, I don't even need to spend time on my hair in the mornings with one of these babies.
2. Large Tote: On every trip, whether we're cruising or not, you have to have a large tote (that zips up). You have to have at least one bag that's big enough to fit all the have-to's and important documents safely inside. 
3. Wide-Leg Pants: They're comfy and versatile. Throw them on for a day of casual playtime or dress them up with a funky top for dinner. They're quick and easy, plus elastic pants are good for eating, let's be honest.
4. Oversized Sweater: On the car ride down or in the cabin later at night, it's always good to bring at least one big, comfy sweater or sweatshirt for emergency moments. 
5. Black Dress: My go-to is a straight maxi, but yours may be cut right above the knee. Just like those wide-let pants, a black dress is versatile enough for every occasion on board. 
6. Small, Cross-Body Purse: Wherever you're traveling, on a cruise or not, everyone needs a small purse to travel around with. It needs to be big enough to fit what you need inside but small enough to not cause any shoulder or back problems on any of your all-day adventures.
7. NYX, The Curve: This is my everyday go-to. It doesn't smudge and one quick slip of the wrist creates the perfect black cat eye, for any and all situations.
8. Tinted Moisturizer: When you're traveling to a warm destination, who wants to wear lots of heavy makeup? I always carry a tinted moisturizer with me because it keeps my face from drying out, it's lightweight but it still gives me the coverage I want. I'm a big fan of Tarte products and a recent fan of their tinted moisturizer.
9. Sunscreen: Just like the floppy hat, we need protection from the sun. Well, everyone does. So make sure to lather on your fair share. Since getting Supergoop products in a summer POPSUGAR box, I've been hooked.
10. Good Music: Make a playlist or shuffle through some of your favorites on the ride down.
11. Cozy Blanket: This is only for the drive. My husband and my mom likes to play freeze out in the car, so this quickly becomes an essential.
12. Good Reads: I always pack a book. Even though I never read as much as I would like, it's nice to have it on the bedside table when it's time to sleep.

What are some of your cruising essentials?


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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Preemie Newborn Must-Have's: My Favorites

Preemie Newborn Baby Must-Have Items and Favorites

Before having a baby I didn't think that there would be much difference between this or that bib, this or that bottle or even this or that pajama onesie for our little one. But, when I found out that our little one would, in fact, not only be a preemie but have an extra layer of "little" due to her IUGR I started doing my own research on things that I "must-have" and since having her we've figured out what works the best for her, her size and her everyday needs. From bathtime to mealtime, let's take a peek at 6 of our favorite necessities. 

1. Koala Baby Preemie Onesies (with Zippers!): 

These preemie onesies fit her best. They didn't swallow her up and they had a more slender line (which is better for skinny babies). Also, we quickly found out why snaps are meant to drive moms and dads insane and why God made the zipper possible. 

Although I started out with a massive amount of Tommee Tippee bottles - which really do work quite well, our favorite from the start was our one Latch bottle that we put on our registry on a whim. I had seen in a magazine how the nipple is accordion-style and follows the movement of the baby's mouth with ease. This is the only bottle that Claire doesn't "bubble" with, fits in her little mouth with no problems and she has less spit up and less air every time she uses it. We ended up buying several more of these helpful bits. 

This may be a must-have for all babies, but Claire fits in that little nook like it was made just for her. The incline also helps her with spitting up after a feeding and I swear it's the most comfortable place for her to take a nap in - in which she has 5 options - this overrides all the others every time. 

Not only are these bibs soft and absorbent but the extra "fluff"  (or dribble catcher) around the neck helps for spit ups, bubble ups and messes to not stain Claire's clothes. The neck also fits her a lot better than all of her other bibs - we could basically fit two of her in most. We'll be buying another pack very soon. 

This is another "on a whim" purchase - actually made by my momma (Claire's Grandmom). And thank goodness we had it - and eventually bought two. Not only will her crib be elevated for a restful (and spit up free night's sleep) when she's ready but the pack and play we use in the living room also has this elevation for her now too. The incline truly helps with the dribbles after a feeding - which are even more prominent in premature babies. 

I am so happy we purchased this adorable piece. Although some may think it's a redudant item to have with a baby bath, right now Claire is just too small to "go swimming" in her tub. This not only keeps the sink cozy and warm but it becomes a safer way for her to bathe and enjoy herself. Afterwards all you have to do it ring out the flower and throw it in the dryer (and sometimes we throw it in BEFORE the bath so it's nice and warm for her). 

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Ultimate Hospital Packing List

Even though I was packed and ready to go with all the bells and whistles, I still didn't get to enjoy or use half of the items I packed in our hospital bags. Even though I read every list available online and packed everything someone somewhere mentioned that I needed, I didn't need half the stuff that we listed, checked off, bought and strategically packed. But that's because nothing about our hospital stay or delivery was in our hands or of our own decisions - see here

But, if you're one of the lucky ones that gets to go to the hospital, bags in tow and have a "normal" and "healthy" experience - and even if you don't - you'll want to feel prepared when you go. And this list will help you feel secure and ready - whether you deliver naturally or by c-section, we were packed for all three of us for any route to be taken. Let's have a peek!

Download & Print the Checklist Below

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