Thursday, March 7, 2013

Honeymoon Week: Moments {IMAGE HEAVY}

Fun memories from our week on the sea.
Disney Cruise Vacation Fantasy Justin snapping a shot of me on our balcony. Our first and only day in Orlando until we board the Fantasy. 
Disney Cruise Vacation Fantasy  
Justin shopping away at Downtown Disney.
 Disney Cruise Vacation Fantasy 
We were excited about the wall murals.  Disney Cruise Vacation Fantasy Disney Cruise Vacation Fantasy The wonderful ladies at Guest Services helping us out on the first day.
Disney Cruise Vacation Fantasy Exploring the ship while we wait for our cabin to be ready.
 Disney Cruise Vacation Fantasy 
 Disney Cruise Vacation Fantasy  
Happy to find a seat in the porthole. 
 Disney Cruise Vacation Fantasy Disney Cruise Vacation FantasyFiguring out the life jacket situation.
Disney Cruise Vacation Fantasy  
Waiting for the life boat drill to start.
Disney Cruise Vacation Fantasy A glimpse of the Sailing Away party.
 Disney Cruise Vacation FantasyWhen we discovered Ash & Mike music.
 Disney Cruise Vacation Fantasy  
Justin showing off his Buzz attire.
 Disney Cruise Vacation Fantasy Our first of many animation classes.
Disney Cruise Vacation Fantasy A princess sighting.
 Disney Cruise Vacation Fantasy  
The infamous Bingo, we actually won later on in the cruise!
 Disney Cruise Vacation FantasyHeading out for formal night.
 Disney Cruise Vacation Fantasy Movie night, we watched The Odd Life of Timothy Green, it was precious.
 Photobucket Fashionably late to a dance party.
Disney Cruise Vacation fantasy Disney Cruise Vacation fantasy  
Our MidShip Detective Agency Adventure & Our Ship Sailing Find. 
 Disney Cruise Vacation fantasy Dinnertime. 
 Disney Cruise Vacation fantasy No big, just hanging out with Woody and Sally.
 Disney Cruise Vacation fantasy  
Our "taxi" ride into St. Thomas.
 Disney Cruise Vacation fantasy The very beginnings of Pirate Night.
Disney Cruise Vacation fantasy  
Justin participating with the kiddos. 
 Disney Cruise Vacation fantasy The first show of the night.
 Disney Cruise Vacation fantasy  
Showing off his Pirate bandanas. 
Disney Fantasy Cruise A show featuring Captain Jack Sparrow, whom we met earlier in the evening! 
 Disney Fantasy CruiseRelaxing, watching the little ones squeal at their visits with the Princesses.
 Disney Fantasy Cruise Disney Fantasy Cruise  
Ariel telling me I look like a mermaid, this seems to be an ongoing trend in my life & an intense pin-trading session.
 Disney Fantasy Cruise Justin is ready to see his man come to life, his danced with Snow White, mine danced with Pinocchio! 
 Disney Fantasy CruiseThe first two on the left our me and Justin's cartoons!
 Disney Fantasy Cruise Taking a photo with our wonderful servers, Dipo and Nicole.
 Disney Fantasy CruiseFound some wreckage on our way to the observation tower.
 Disney Fantasy CruiseDipping our toes in the beautiful (and shockingly cold) water.
 Disney Fantasy CruiseTaking the tram back to the ship after a day at Castaway Cay.
 Disney Fantasy CruiseLeaving for our last night on the ship.
 Disney Fantasy CruiseSipping on our Ooegy Gooey Goofy's
 Disney Fantasy CruisePracticing his animation.
 Disney Fantasy CruiseDisney Fantasy Cruise  
Our goodbye party.
 Disney Fantasy Cruise 

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