Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kendra's Fashion Challenge: A Trip to Epcot

You're in store for some fun today! Whether you know me personally or have become an avid reader of this blog, it's no secret that I'm an uber Disney fan. Between Disney Cruising and park hopping, I like to think of myself as quite the Disney expert. I even make outfits that compliment the theme parks {see here}, just for fun and I have no shame about it! Recently, I was approached by well-known travel expert, Kendra Thornton, to participate in "Kendra's Fashion Challenge," and when the words "Epcot" came floating through my computer screen, I was hooked and ready to take action!

First thing's first though, who is Kendra Thornton? She's a travel expert that appears regularly on ABC, NBC and the CW, and has made guests appearances on the Tyra Banks Show as well as Nate Berkus Show. And now she's collaborating with some of her favorite bloggers and mixing her love of travel with fashion. 

What's the challenge? Here it is in Kendra's own words:

"As the mother of three children, I can’t wait to take my family to Orlando this year! We’ll enjoy several exciting adventures together during our time there, and I look forward to plenty of photo opportunities that will help us capture the memories. I want to look my best during my time in Orlando. I wanted help choosing an outfit for my family excursion to Disney’s Epcot! One of my favorite fashion bloggers, Grace, was ready and willing to help me with this challenge! She is a huge Disney fan and has done previous work with Disney-inspired looks. I love her Little Mermaid look that is princess-inspired! I asked her to put together another Disney look, only this time to visit Disney’s The Lion King Adventures! We’re all looking forward to enjoying an adventure with Simba and his sidekicks, Timon and Pumbaa, as they learn important lessons about caring for the earth. This show incorporates both live action and animated film in an interesting adventure at Hakuna Matata Lakeside Village where trees are being cut down to make room for the new development. Simba will help all of us learn about eco-kindness. I’m excited to be able to expose my kids to these kinds of lessons while having fun with them on vacation. 

This vacation hotspot welcomes millions of visitors from around the world each year. The friendly locals happily entertain families, and the area has become renowned for the family-friendly activities and amenities it offers. The entertainment here, however, is far from childish, and there are things for people of all ages and walks of life to enjoy. I found great reviews for things to do at gogobot. My family’s agenda is jam packed with fun activities, and I know I’ll have more fun when I look my best. I can’t wait to see what stylish ideas you have for my excursion to Epcot!" 

Epcot Challenge: Option 1 Kendra's Fashion Challenge


First up is the dress choice. It's bound to be hot and humid, so a light and airy dress to walk around the park is an essential option to carry with you. Comfy sandals and a hat to keep the sun at bay make this an easy breezy way to enjoy the park without overheating! I also added a bit of "animal" inspired jewelry to spark a Lion King lover! I also added some easy makeup choices, especially for those hot days perusing. A touch of pink with Baby Lips chapstick, some Josie Moran oil to keep your skin hydrated and also some Benefit high beam highlighter for an easy pop of color on your lids!

Epcot Challenge: Option 2


Now, if you decide to visit this attraction in the evening before dinner at one of the pavilions, you may want to slip into this comfortable, functional and super stylish number. Lace shorts, an airy tee and flat, but glam sandals for the walk. Compliment the pink with some mint hues and slap on some light makeup for a crisp and fun feel. I again added a little safari-inspiration to pay homage to The Circle of Life with this safari bangle from ASOS. 

Epcot Challender: Option 3


What about if it rains? Every time we go to Orlando for family vacation, there's at least one shower we all have to endure and you should be prepared. Whether you pull out a poncho or dress for the weather, be sure you know that you may get wet at least once. And this is the outfit to do it in. Pull your hair up, grab the umbrella and just let out a nice, "Hakuna Matata!" Embrace the rain.

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  1. Oh my gosh, that dress! That lion ring! So so cute!

    Ps, I'm having a little giveaway if you want to come take a look :)


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